• Window Washing Speed Competition Window Washing Speed Competition Being an efficient window cleaner is a skill that can be taught… speed, however, comes from the heart. And Sam has heart. It’s been almost a year since Sam joined the exciting world of window washing with On The Spot Window Cleaning. And now, for the first time ever, Sam will be ...

New Hires Must Look Cool – Sunglasses Are a Must for a Professional Window Cleaner in SLO County #WCRLife


Meet Sam… our newest addition to the On The Spot Window Cleaning team. Sam is a local from Arroyo Grande, CA. We have known Sam since he was VERY little.

Sam’s┬ástart date was March 26, 2018. His first day included the all important coffee break in Pismo Beach before getting started with the serious adventure of becoming a professional window cleaner here on the Central Coast of California. His day included patiently learning the art of the squeegee at local businesses and shops in Pismo Beach.

Sam keeping the glass shining at Calvin Klein in the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets! #WCRLife

Sam’s week went by fast. After learning a little bit about customer service and providing some FREE touch up after recent rains in Nipomo and Arroyo Grande, Sam was introduced to the process of Residential Window Cleaning. Yes it is a process, but our first concern is treating the customer with care and respect.

So at his first official residential job as a professional window cleaner in Arroyo Grande, Sam got to see and learn what makes our company shine. We taught him proper safety at the jobsite. This included setting out cones and markers to help the home owners and others avoid trip and slip hazards, using drop cloths and towels to protect flooring and furniture, keeping our shoes covered in those fantastic surgical booties.

After getting comfortable around a beautiful home and the people and possessions inside it, Sam was taught how to make those dirty windows sparkle like new! He was and eager learner and picked up on the details quickly (we couldn’t have hoped for more coming from a new hire). Sam meticulously scrubbed and squeegeed and detailed every window. His professional attitude and a quick learning curve made our lives easier (and the customer happy).

Sam’s week continued with stops in San Luis Obispo and Shell Beach. He has a lot to learn, but he is coming along quickly…