Blake Irving

CEO of GoDaddy.com, Cal Poly Board Member

“Hi, I’m Blake Irving. A 15 year San Luis Obispo resident, who lives right downtown. We’ve lived in a couple houses since we move to San Luis Obispo, so we’ve been a little inconsistent with where we’ve lived. One thing that’s been incredibly consistent though, is On The Spot Window Cleaning with Jeremiah Hickey. We saw Jeremiah doing some windows downtown, I think it was on Higuera Street, and we saw what a great job he was doing. And we asked him, ‘hey, do you do residential, as well?’ He said ‘yes I do!’ So we established a relationship. I had a house that was basically all glass – more than you see behind me right now! And for the last decade, Jeremiah has been our guy! So, On The Spot Window Cleaning has taken care of glass – like that much glass – and has taken care of us! and I text back and forth with him to arrange times that are convenient for me, my family, and for Jeremiah. And he comes in in a day! Knocks it out! Does incredibly high value and high quality work. Not only has he done windows…we’ve come back and whole siding of the house has been done, too! So, I can’t recommend anybody in the area any more strongly than On The Spot Window Cleaning with Jeremiah!”

Hal Sweasey

Real Estate Broker

“Hi my name’s Hal Sweasey. I’m a real estate broker in San Luis Obispo County. I’ve been doing this for about 25 years. And I wanted to say just how much Jeremiah has been able to help me and my clients. Obviously, he does my own windows. So if I need anything done, I call On The Spot Window Cleaning with Jeremiah. I refer him to my clients, my customers. Everywhere I turn, if they don’t already know about him, because he does such a great job! They’re super happy with the service! So I can recommend their service. What they do, the quality of thier work, their follow-up. I can recommend them as much as I can recommend anyone. So if you need some help with window cleaning call Jeremiah with On The Spot Window Cleaning. They do a great job!”

Bill Price

Hula Hut in Avila Beach

“Hello, my name is Bill Price from the Hula Hut in Avila Beach and I am here to give you some information about On The Spot Window Cleaning. Jeremiah has been doing my windows for over 10 years and I’ve had nothing but excellent service. He shows up on time, he stays out of the way of my customers. And if I’ve a problem, all I have to is give him a call, he takes care of everything.”

Terri Hicks

Seven Sisters Vacation Rentals

Hi, I am Terri Hicks Seven Sisters Vacation Rentals and I would like to tell you about my experience with Jeremiah at On The Spot Window Cleaning.

Jeremiah not only takes care of my properties, my vacation rentals but also my personal residence. I enjoy working with Jeremiah, he's always on time, he does a great job, never have to call him back. First time on the spot!
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