Professional Window Cleaning - A New Way To Help ... Introducing our YouTube Channel!!!

You want Professional Window Cleaning. We are just that: Professional Window Cleaners. With that we have vast experience and knowledge in our industry with particular focus on the Central Coast of California.

We all know knowledge is power. With that in mind, we want to empower our customers (as well as fellow professionals and DIY's) with any knowledge we can from experience and training as some of the best Window Cleaners in San Luis Obispo County. The easiest way we can do this is through video content. And what better place than YouTube to share that content?

Do you provide window cleaning? Do you dread window cleaning? Do you love window cleaning?

Here are 5 videos with tips and helpful hints:

  1. Good Communication: How do you count window panes?
  2. Good Communication: What is a rough estimate?
  3. Got Solar Panels? Waterfed Brushes: Is natural fiber what you need?
  4. Safe and Flawless: No streak/ no ladder squeegee techniques:
  5. Window Cleaning Techs: How to modify a specialty squeegee:
Professional Window Cleaning: Best Of San Luis Obispo County Winner 2020


Professional Window Cleaning: Customer Communication on YouTube

Our channel is designed to build better communication between customers like you and any potential service provider you may hire (but particularly Professional Window Washers). Our hope is to help everyone gain a better understanding of how tools, processes, methods, and culture affect the customer experience for anyone interested. But we also want to make sure we all have a little fun and spread a little joy along the way.

For instance: take a look at how we count our windows in this video. Once both service provider and customer are speaking the same work specific language, confusion goes down. Click here for the video

Internationally Recognized Professional Window Cleaning: Not Many Have Taken Their Skills And Won Titles Overseas! - YouTube Behind the Scenes

"This Morning" National News Interview In London England

What does it take to be a World Cup Of Window Cleaning Winner in London, UK? The event, the training, the technical descriptions as well as the fun, thrills and excitement will all be shared on our channel. You can learn a little more about our experience on our home page here:

Professional Window Cleaning With A Focus On Coastal Communities Like Cayucos, Avila Beach, And Pismo Beach

We have sun and surf but with that comes salt and sand. Both salt and sand can turn a magnificent view from you favorite window into a nasty mess. With our experience in these Coastal Communities we will help you maintain spectacular views. You may want to use the tips we offer on window cleaning through YouTube for yourself. You may want to use the information to get the best service from the window cleaning company you currently have. Or you may use the videos to enhance your experience with us. Whatever the case, we want your views and properties to be the jewel that you want them to be.

Do you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service to maintain those views? Or just the occasional window cleaning service?

Do you need to keep the salt and sand from building up? Or is your home in a more protected area?

Will windows get damaged if they are not cleaned properly on a regular basis? Or can you go for years without cleaning?

These questions and more are planned to be discussed in the videos we post on YouTube.

Only Professional Window Cleaning For SLO County???

The Central Coast of California is not unique to the challenges of maintaining stunning views. You can use the tips and topics in our videos and adapt them to wherever you live and work. And as we mentioned earlier: our goal is to help all sorts of service providers and businesses have better communication with their customers. That's something we can all benefit from.

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Our main core value for On The Spot Window Cleaning is to "Bring Joy." We want you to have the access to, and understand, details from an industry professional in a way that is easy and fun. We want the best for all involved in any interaction between trade professionals and customers. If this sounds like it will benefit you, BECOME A SUBSCRIBER! Our message gets shared to more individuals who need it when we have more subscribers.

Of course, we know won't interest everyone. And not everyone will agree with what we post. But check us out. Subscribe. Share. Comment.

You never know, a Professional Window Cleaner might just have the answer you were looking for!

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